Drinking Water

Maple Ridge’s water is supplied by Metro Vancouver from Coquitlam Lake. Coquitlam Lake is located in a protected watershed; no recreational or industrial activities are permitted.

The City of Maple Ridge operates its water utility under permit by the Fraser Health Authority, distributing water to approximately 90,000 residents.

The City also provides well water under permit by the Fraser Health Authority.

Water Quality

Drinking water in Maple Ridge is treated in accordance with provincial and federal regulations.

Each year we publish a drinking water quality report and provide sampling reports at different locations in the city.

Water Main Maintenance

The City performs water main flushing annually from October to May. 

This maintenance work improves water quality but can result in temporary pressure drops, milky water or discolouration. The water remains safe to drink and there are simple steps you can follow to rectify these temporary problems.

Further Information

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