Heritage Bylaws

Heritage Procedures Bylaw

Heritage Procedures Bylaw No. 6951-2012 (PDF) establishes application procedures for heritage conservation bylaws, permits, agreements, and the community heritage register. For more information, contact Krista Gowan, staff liaison.

Heritage Maintenance Standards Bylaw

Heritage Maintenance Standards Bylaw No. 6710-2009 (PDF) establishes minimum requirements for the care and maintenance of designated heritage properties. Heritage maintenance standards are intended to :
  • Communicate the minimum expectations regarding the maintenance of a legally protected heritage property;
  • Ensure that designated heritage sites are maintained and do not deteriorate through neglect.
A Heritage Maintenance Standards Bylaw is permitted through the BC Local Government Act S.616. A Local Government Heritage Designation is permitted through Local Government Act S. 611, 612, and 613. For more information on heritage conservation legislation enabled through the Local Government Act, please see "Heritage Conservation: A Community Guide" through this link to the BC Heritage Branch Heritage Conservation: A Community Guide.  

Municipal Heritage Designation Bylaw

Ten heritage properties in Maple Ridge are legally protected through a Municipal Heritage Designation Bylaw, which is a form of regulation that is intended to give long-term protection to heritage property and is permitted through the BC Local Government Act. It is the primary form of long-term local government regulation that can prohibit demolition. A designation is not a form of commemoration, but rather a form of legal protection. A designation bylaw may prohibit one or more of the following:
  • Exterior alterations;
  • Structural changes;
  • Moving of a structure;
  • Actions which would damage a specified interior feature;
  • Actions which would damage a specified heritage landscape feature; and/or
  • Alteration, excavation, or construction on protected land.
Unless permitted in the designation bylaw, no changes may be made to a heritage designated property without a heritage alteration permit.

For more information on Municipal Designated Heritage Sites (PDF) contact Krista Gowan, staff liaison.

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