#MyHammond: Hammond Area Plan Process

The Hammond Area Plan was given final reading and adopted at the regular Council meeting of January 24, 2017.
The Hammond Area Plan Bylaw 7279-2016 received Second Reading on November 29, 2016.
A report also went to Council on Zoning Bylaw amendments for the Hammond Area, including a proposed new Hammond Village Commercial Zone (H-2) and received First and Second Reading on November 29, 2016 and went to the January Public Hearing where it then received Third Reading at subsequent Council meeting on January 17, 2017. 
The Hammond Area Plan Bylaw received First Reading on September 20, 2016.

Hammond Concept Plan

The Hammond Concept Plan was presented at the June 13, 2016 Council Workshop and the following resolutions were passed:
  1. That the Hammond Area Concept Plan, attached to the staff report entitled “Hammond Area Concept Plan”, dated June 13, 2016, be endorsed; and
  2. That staff are directed to use the Hammond Area Concept Plan as a guide for development and the basis for the preparation of an Area Plan Bylaw.
View the Hammond Area Concept Plan Council report (PDF).

Hammond Preliminary Concept Plan

An open house on the Hammond Preliminary Concept Plan was held March 30, 2016 at Hammond Elementary School.
Presentation boards (PDF) were available for viewing during the open house. See following links to access the Preliminary Concept Plan and supporting materials.

Technical Studies:

Three technical studies were completed to inform preparation of the Preliminary Concept Plan:
  1. Hammond Historic Character Area (PDF) - identifies and describes the highest concentration of heritage features within the Hammond Area boundaries.
  2. Residential Density Bonus/Transfer Program Assessment for Hammond Area Plan (PDF) - looks at market viability for a density bonus/transfer program as well as feasibility of density increase and development form.
  3. Commercial Demand and Capacity Analysis for Hammond Area Plan (PDF) - looks at commercial demand and capacity of Hammond's historic commercial area over the next 30 years to 2045.
Staff reports (PDF) presented to Council Workshop on March 14, 2016.

View more information on the Public Consultation Process.