Public Consultation Process

Community input into the preparation of the Hammond Area Plan is essential to its success. At each Phase in the planning process, there will be an opportunity for input into the Plan, in order to help ensure that the Hammond Area Plan is reflective of the existing characteristics of the community while looking forward to the future of Hammond. Please check back regularly to see how you can provide input into the process and to see the results from past consultation events.

November 26, 2014 – Public Open House

A second open house was held on November 26, 2014 at the Hammond Elementary School. The event covered a lot of topics and input was requested on the draft Guiding Principles, Historic Commercial Node, residential density, parks and trails, and precinct areas. Please see links below for information handouts and the display panels presented at the open house.

No. 5 Official Community Plan Land Use Policy (PDF)
No. 6 Commercial Development (PDF)
No. 7 Hammond Precincts (PDF)
No. 8 Developing in the Floodplain (PDF)

#MyHammondTalks – Guiding Principles (PDF)

Open House Display Boards (PDF)

Residential Density Scenarios (PDF):
The Residential Density Models were developed to initiate discussion on residential densities and generate input on what density level the community is comfortable with for Hammond over the long-term. Three density scenarios were presented at the open house showing current, mid-range, and high density. The mid-range and high density model scenarios are based on existing Official Community Plan Policies for Major Corridor Residential Infill. Current OCP policies are provided on the open house panels entitled Maple Ridge Official Community Plan Policies (2 panels) with additional information on the Policy Framework Diagram.

June 5, 2014 - Public Open House

The first open house for the Hammond Area Plan was held on Thursday, June 5, 2014 at the Hammond Community Centre. This open house was intended to gather input from the community on Hammond Area Plan boundaries, connectivity of the neighbourhood, and general ideas for the Hammond Area. Please see below for open house handouts and panels which were presented at the event.

Handouts - from the June 5, 2014 Open House
No.1 Early History (PDF)
No.2 Community Spaces (PDF)
No.3 Transportation (PDF)
No.4 Rainwater Management (PDF)

Open House Display Boards (PDF)

For more information about the Hammond Area Planning Process please contact Lisa Zosiak, Planner via email or by calling 604-467-7383. Thank you for being part of this exciting project.