Who Is Running?

Every Candidate is Given the Option of Submitting Candidate Profile Information

The following requirements are given to candidates.

  • Statements must be in English only and a maximum of 150 words. Statements in excess of 150 words will be reduced to the end of the last complete sentence or phrase within the 150 word limit. The Chief Election Officer will not edit statements, except to reduce the length to 150 words. Incorrect spelling and grammar, or other obvious errors, will not be corrected.
  • Statements must be confined to information about the candidate, the candidate’s policies and the candidate’s intentions if elected. The Chief Election Officer may remove all or portions of a candidate’s profile if they consider it prudent or advisable to do so.
  • For candidates who choose not to submit profile information, or who fail to submit appropriate information within the timeline, the candidate's name and position nominated for, will appear in the candidate profile with the notation "Candidate profile information not provided." Where the profile is complete except for a photo, the notation "Photo not provided" will appear in the photo space.
  • Profiles have to be submitted before September 20, 2018 at 9:00 am. A signed copy of the statement must be submitted to the election office.

Maple Ridge Electors May Vote For:

  • 1 Mayor
  • 6 Council Members
  • 5 School Trustees