Three online questionnaires were posted between July 1 and October 8, 2014. The intent of the questionnaires was to continue the discussion that was started with the community at the first Hammond Area Plan public open house on June 5, 2014.

Each questionnaire was intended to build on the previous input received. The #MyHammondTalks responses are provided in the links below.

In addition to the responses received, two update bulletins were provided and posted below. The first was prepared in September between the second and third questionnaires as a summary of “What We’ve Heard So Far” and the second was posted in early November as an information primer on “Guiding Principles” to generate awareness and interest for the second open house which was November 26, 2014.

Please continue to visit the #MyHammond webpage for updates and more information on the Hammond Area Plan process.

Questionnaire #1 - view responses (PDF)
Questionnaire #2 - view responses (PDF)
Questionnaire #3 - view responses (PDF)

Update Bulletin (PDF) - September
Update Bulletin (PDF) - November