Gordy Robson

Competent Leadership. Business Experience. Vision. Focus. Heart. 

A lifelong resident and former Mayor of the City, Gordy Robson has once again been elected by the Citizens of Maple Ridge to serve on Council for the next four years. He is a husband, father, preeminent business person, community activist and past Citizen of the Year.

As a self-made man who built a business empire with hard work and natural talent, Gordy earned a reputation for breathing life into non-performing businesses and plowing through red tape to resolve key social, environmental and business issues.
Councillor Robson has the experience, a good understanding of the community issues and the vision to continue to make a solid contribution to Council.

Councillor Gordy Robson

Tel: 604-463-3333
Email: grobson@mapleridge.ca
Gordy Robson