How do I request the the use of city streets for a Block Party?
  1. Submit a complete application including all applicable noted parts below to close a road to the City of Maple Ridge via email at at least 4 weeks prior to the block party date.
    1. Form: Submit a Highway Use Permit Request Form with your application.
      1. Include: your name, address, email address, and phone number, location of the block party (street or venue address), date of the block party, start and end time for the event.
      2. The cost of this permit for block parties is waived.
    2. Map: Supply a map showing where barricades would be placed and any safety planning to be considered.  
    3. Neighbourhood Involvement: If this is your first time planning a block party that closes roads, you will need to ensure at least 65% of neighbours/property owners effected by the closure are in favor. Meet your neighours, fill in this road closure survey form and send it along with your application


  1. Upon receiving confirmation from the City to proceed with planning the closure complete the process by arranging for insurance and the method of how you are closing the road.
    1. Insurance: A certificate for insurance is required with the City of Maple Ridge listed as additional insured for $5 Million Insurance.
    2. Barricades: The city can provide several barricades to support your block party, they can be picked up on Saturdays between 10am - 2pm in Memorial Peace Park.  They can be returned on the Saturday after your event. Availability is based on first come, first served and must be request 4 weeks in advance by emailing 


If you have question regarding this process contact the neighborhood Small Grant Coordinator at or 604-467-7459.

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