What does the Rec Facility Study include?

The Rec Facility Study, also called a feasibility study, will focus on aquatics and ice components. However, the comprehensive approach will build on the foundation of the current Parks, Recreation & Culture Master Plan:

  • Extensive engagement with public and interested parties 
  • Analysis of scale and type of facility needed,
  • Site analysis including development of three to four design concepts,
  • Identification of additional recreation uses (building on the PRC Master Plan) such as fitness centre and indoor track,
  • Archeological, geotechnical, parking and traffic assessments,
  • Potential operating models and estimated costs
  • Leading trends, best practices and regional facilities comparisons

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1. What is the purpose of this Rec Facility Study?
2. What does the Rec Facility Study include?
3. How long will the Rec Facility Study take?
4. What happens after the Rec Facility Study is complete?
5. If the Rec Facility Study determines that Hammond Community Park is a feasible location for a new recreation facility, how long will it be until the project is completed?
6. How can I provide feedback for this multi-use recreation facility project?
7. This project references a fifth ice sheet; however, Maple Ridge currently does not have a fourth ice sheet. What is happening with that project?
8. Why was Hammond Community Park chosen as the preferred site?
9. What other sites were considered?
10. If Hammond Community Park is determined to be a feasible site, what will happen to the baseball fields currently located on this site? Will the legacy of Larry Walker continue to be honoured?
11. If Hammond Community Park is determined to be a feasible site, what will happen to Hammond Community Centre and the childcare services offered out of this location?
12. If Hammond Community Park is determined to be a feasible site, what will happen to Hammond Outdoor Pool?
13. How much will the new facility cost and how might this affect taxpayers?
14. What is the plan for the other facilities recommended as part of the recently endorsed Parks, Recreation & Culture (PRC) Master Plan?
15. Why doesn’t the Parks, Recreation & Culture (PRC) Master Plan and/or recreation infrastructure reviews from the past (2017-2018) provide enough info to proceed with the new facility?
16. What is the City planning to do with the previous $2.5M that was identified for improvements to the Hammond Community Centre?
17. What is the City doing to meet the growing recreational needs of the residents living on the East side of Maple Ridge?
18. What happened to the other plans for a new outdoor pool?
19. Why didn’t the City include a pool when building Albion Community Centre?
20. What happened during the previous renovation to the baseball fields?