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Notice of Claim

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  2. City of Maple Ridge - Notice of Claim

  3. I fully understand that this report must be filed with the City of Maple Ridge within two (2) months after the date on which the damage has been sustained. (Section 736 of the Local Government Act)

  4. Disclaimer:

    Any comments or actions by the City of Maple Ridge in response to your complaint are strictly without prejudice. In other words, comments made to you by staff or representatives of the City of Maple Ridge are not to be taken as an admission of liability or as confirmation of any cause of action you might have. Similarly, by submitting this form, you are not waiving any of your rights. Note that a phone call or visit to the Municipal Hall does not constitute notice of a claim under the Local Government Act unless notice of your intention to claim is also provided in writing. There are other limitation periods that apply to your claim and you might wish to consult with legal counsel. The information contained herein does not take the place of legal advice.

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