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Business Plan Template for Event Organizers

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  2. Business Plan Template for Event Organizers

    This template has been developed to help make the application for Parks, Recreation & Culture festival grants easier. This template will help to ensure that you provide all the information needed to evaluate how well your application meets the funding criteria.

  3. Please note that if you already prepared an event business plan and budget, completion of this template may not be required.

  4. A reminder that all applicants must include the following:

  5. Goals and Objectives:

  6. S.W.O.T. Analysis:

    Brainstorm a list of external factors that directly or indirectly impact the environment in which your organization works

  7. Comparing the results of the S.W.O.T. to the organization's vision will result in the identification of gaps. These gaps are the "critical issues", try to narrow this list to 3 or 4 per year.

  8. To help address the above critical issues, work with your group to create a goal. Then work together to identify an action to complete this goal, the person who will be responsible to complete this action, a timeline to implement or finish this action and a measure to assess if the action was achieved.

  9. Event Budget Development: Expenses

  10. Salary:

  11. Insurance

  12. Licences and Permits

  13. Entertainment

  14. Equipment

  15. Production (stages, sound, lights)

  16. Advertising and Promotion

  17. Facility Rentals

  18. Printing

  19. Volunteer Appreciation

  20. Other

  21. Total Expenses

  22. Event Budget Development: Revenues

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