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1. How do I apply for a position with the City of Maple Ridge?
2. What kinds of jobs are available at the City of Maple Ridge?
3. If I applied to an opportunity that closed, and then the same opportunity is reposted at a later date, do I need to apply again to be considered?
4. What if I applied to the wrong opportunity? Can I retract an application?
5. What if I missed the deadline date for a posted opportunity?
6. I made an error. How do I change my application?
7. Can more than one person use the same email address to apply?
8. Can I apply in person with my resume / application? (I do not have a computer.)
9. What if I don't have an email address?
10. When can i expect to hear of the status of my application following my interview?
11. How do I know that you got my application for a posting?
12. What does the recruitment process involve?
13. Can I follow up my online application with a hard copy?
14. Will I be contacted to confirm receipt of my application?
15. Who will be contacted by Human Resources during the hiring process? (I haven't heard anything.)
16. Does the City of Maple Ridge require potential employees to go through a Police Information Check?