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1. Can the City of Maple Ridge stop the housing project on Fraser Street?
2. Will the City of Maple Ridge try to convince BC Housing to delay and reconsider the Fraser Street location at this late date?
3. What additional requests and supports is the City of Maple Ridge asking for to ensure the health and safety of vulnerable residents and the community?
4. What will be built on Fraser Street and who will live there?
5. Should Coast Mental Health be simply given the contract to operate the Fraser Street residence?
6. Does the City object to moving ahead with replacement housing on Fraser Street to replace the end-of-life modulars on Royal Crescent? Isn’t it badly needed?
7. Should you convince BC Housing to change the site at this late date?
8. What will happen on the Royal Crescent site when the modular buildings come down?
9. What other housing and supports are required in Maple Ridge?
10. Are you in touch with BC Housing to meet about the City’s housing needs and priorities?