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1. If I have a question at any point in the planning or application process, who should I contact?
2. What funding is available for festivals in Maple Ridge?
3. When should I send in my Special Event Application?
4. What happens after I send in my Special Event Application?
5. What if I need to change something on my Special Event Application?
6. I am hosting an event on Private Property; do I require a Special Event Permit?
7. I have received my “Preliminary Approval” - what now?
8. What insurance is required to host a festival or event in Maple Ridge?
9. Where can I get insurance coverage for my event?
10. When do I send in my Insurance Certificate?
11. What is the cost to get a permit?
12. Why am I being charged a damage deposit?
13. What are the guidelines for using parks for festivals or events?
14. Are there bathroom facilities available to use onsite?
15. Can I post flyers about my upcoming festival or event?
16. Can I set up a Bouncy Castle at my event?
17. Can I spike in Maple Ridge Parks?
18. Can vehicles be driven in Maple Ride Parks?
19. Who cleans up after my event?
20. Can I have a Food Truck or Vendor at my event?
21. Does The City of Maple Ridge - Parks, Recreation & Culture have equipment that our group can borrow?
22. Is there a charge to borrow equipment from the City of Maple Ridge?
23. I have booked a facility or park with a gate lock or door. How do I get a key?
24. What if I need electrical power access for my event?
25. How do I plan for Electrical Safety?
26. When do I require a permit to close a road?
27. How do I apply for a Highway Use Permit?
28. How do I plan for road safety?
29. Can I have a volunteer take control of a road closure or do I require a traffic control person?(TCP)?
30. I received my Highway Use Permit. Who closes the road?
31. How do I schedule and plan for Loading and Unloading at my event?