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1. What is Alert Maple Ridge?
2. How do I register?
3. Do I need to download the application to register?
4. Can I view the City’s alerts without registering?
5. When are alerts issued?
6. Will I receive a lot of unwanted alerts?
7. Does Alert Maple Ridge collect personal information?
8. Can I use my home phone number or is this only for mobile phones?
9. Is training required to use this service?
10. Who issues the alerts?
11. I live outside Maple Ridge but would still like to receive alerts. Can I still register?
12. Can I decide what type of alerts I receive?
13. Will the alerts be broadcasted on my phone, even if it is on “silent mode”?
14. Do I have to be in Maple Ridge to receive an alert?
15. Can I register my children or parents?
16. How do I confirm my registration?
17. How do I unsubscribe from Alert Maple Ridge?
18. Is this the same as Alert Ready?