Contact Council

  1. Appear as Council Delegation

    At each regular meeting of Council or Committee of the Whole, Council invites presentations by citizens or other parties with concerns about issues affecting Maple Ridge.

  2. Birthday & Anniversary Greetings

    The Mayor is pleased to provide greetings to Maple Ridge residents celebrating a birthday of 75 years and up, as well as to Maple Ridge couples celebrating an anniversary starting at the 40th. Greetings are issued in five year increments, e.g., 75, 80, 85, etc. for birthdays or 40, 45, 50, etc. for anniversaries.

  3. Invite Mayor / Council to Your Function

    Invite the Mayor or Council to your function, depending on availability.

  4. Letters

    Submit a letter for Council's consideration.

  5. Petitions

    Create a formal written request in the form of a public document to influence Mayor and Council decisions.

  6. Program Greetings & Advertisements

    Request a Letter of Welcome from the Mayor's Office.