Backyard Burning

News Alert: 

Effective immediately and until further notice, there is a COMPLETE FIRE BAN in the City of Maple Ridge. This includes ALL recreational fires. Back yard fire permits will not be issued.

The City of Maple Ridge has enacted, and will be enforcing, an Open Air Burning Ban in support of Metro Vancouver, BC Ministry of Environment, BC Ministry of Health and Climate Change Strategy, BC. This order has been enacted by the City of Maple Ridge’s Emergency Operations Centre as part of the local COVID-19 health emergency response.

For more information, please refer to the March 31, 2020, City of Maple Ridge News Release.

Report Burning

During business hours Monday to Friday, call the non-emergency number at 604-463-5880. Outside of business hours any day of the week, call the non-emergency number at 604-463-5880 and follow the voice prompts - press '1' to speak to a dispatcher who will handle your complaint.

Thank you for doing your part to maintain a fire safe community.

Criteria & Alternatives

When there is no Fire Ban enacted, properties located within the "Burning Permitted" area on the Interactive Map may burn dry garden refuse from April 15 to May 15 and from October 15 to November 15 with a valid permit, if the fire is located a minimum of 15 metres from structures, property lines and forest interface.

Properties located within the "Area Closed to Burning" Interactive Map are not allowed any type of wood burning fires, including open pit campfires or outdoor wood burning appliances.

Before you choose to burn please consider the Brush Chipping Program, which the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society coordinates in partnership with the City of Maple Ridge. Advanced registration is not required.


If you do choose to burn, the following guidelines apply:
  • a "backyard fire" is an outdoor fire where garden refuse such as leaves and small branches indigenous to the property are burned for the purpose of disposal due to garden cleanup or damage from high winds
  • permits are $25.00, available from the Maple Ridge Fire Department Hall No. 1 (cash only) or the City Hall Finance Department
  • permits may be revoked and fines can be issued by the Fire Department for non-compliance of the Bylaw
  • the Fire Chief may revoke permits if weather conditions are such to render the lighting of fires in open area hazardous or the ventilation index is less than "good"
  • residents in the "Area Open to Burning" must follow Bylaw 5535-1997 (PDF)
  • must comply with all regulations and restrictions contained in the bylaw; the following rules are included in the bylaw:
    • must be a minimum of 15 metres from any building, structure, overhead wires or cables and forest interface
    • must have a person 19 years of age or older is, at all times, present at the recreational fire and until the fire is totally extinguished, for the purposes of supervising and extinguishing the fire
    • a water hose, connected to an available water supply and shovel must be present for the duration of the fire and until it is extinguished
    • outdoor fires must be contained within a pit or permanent walls for the purpose of warmth, cooking or a social gathering

What Can I Burn?

You can burn:
  • leaves, branches and other vegetation that grow on the property
You are NOT allowed to burn:
  • any materials hauled onto the property from another site
  • dimensional lumber (2-by-4-inch lumber, etc.) or waste lumber ends
  • construction materials of any kind
  • old buildings, sheds, barns
  • furniture or other finished goods
  • plastics, tires, insulation
  • garbage of any kind