Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence Program

Established in 2000 with one live work space, the Artist in Residence Program in Maple Ridge has evolved and expanded to currently include three locations.  The program provides an opportunity for artists to create arts based community engagement on projects and activities that have a meaningful impact in exchange for live-work studio housing or work only studio space. The program’s purpose is to enhance community cultural development and pride of place by activating and animating neighbourhoods, public facilities and/or parks through programming and community engagement activities on topics of interest or themes identified in the City’s strategic plans with artists and community members.

The residencies are based on terms of one or three years (houses are generally three years and the work only studio is one year).  In exchange for a minimum number of hours of community-engaged programs and activities in approved project(s), artists are offered a lease for the space at no charge to be used as an active live-work studio and house or studio only.  Artists develop a body of work to engage the public on themes/topics of interest to our community which may include leading workshops, demonstrations and planning activities in the residency location, public facilities, parks and schools.  The Artist in Residence Program is supported through the Maple Ridge Public Art Steering Committee and operated by Parks, Recreation & Culture.

We currently have two artists in residence completing their term in late spring 2019 - Kat Wahamaa at the Haney Residency and Robi Smith at the Fern Crescent Residency. Follow them and get creative! Each artist has her own blog, website and/or social media page to document their projects and progress and how community members can get involved.

Previous Artists in Residence include: Colin Southwell, Darlene Allison, Elizabeth Bachinsky, Nigel Harvey, Kjaer Pedersen and Rebecca Fisher.