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BC Assessment Notices

All BC Assessment Notices have been mailed out in Maple Ridge. The information is also available online on the BC Assessment Authority Website.  The 2019 assessment values are based on the value of the property as of July 1, 2018. Please check over your Assessment Notice and direct any questions to BC Assessment Authority 1-800-393-1332. 

January 31, 2019 is the deadline to appeal your 2019 Property Assessment.

Your Property Value Change and Property Taxes

An increase in your assessment does not necessarily mean an increase in your property taxes. Property tax changes are generally impacted by your assessment's change relative to your community's average assessment change.

The video below explains what could happen to your property taxes if your assessment is lower, higher or similar to the average change for your property class.


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My Maple Ridge

This online service provides home owners and businesses access to information about their City of Maple Ridge property tax, metered utility and dog licence accounts any time. To get started you will need your most recent property tax notice and utility bill. Use My Maple Ridge to:
  • sign up for email delivery of property tax notices and metered utility invoices
  • view current and past bills
  • view account payment history (Account statements are available upon request to the property owner with no charge. Tax information sheets will be produced for $35 to other clients)
  • monitor water consumption history and conservation efforts
  • have one convenient location for property tax, utility and dog licence account information

Property Tax Due Dates

  • Property Tax notices are mailed out during the last week of May each year and are due the first business day after the July 1 holiday.
  • A 5% penalty will be added to outstanding current taxes at midnight on the due date
  • And a further 5% penalty on any remaining current outstanding taxes will be added at midnight on the first business day of September.
  • If a Home Owner Grant is not claimed by these dates, the outstanding amount is subject to the same penalties.

Property Tax Rates

Taxes are collected by the City of Maple Ridge on behalf of various jurisdictions. View the tax rate schedule (PDF).

Revenue & Collections

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