Cemetery Enquiries
The cemetery is divided into Sections, Blocks, Lots and Grave Numbers. There is a map posted inside the cemetery entrance. Administration staff can conduct a search to confirm if a person is buried here and provide the plot location and details. You can call 604-467-7307 to request the search.

Only flat (level with the ground) markers are allowed and limited in size to the type of gravesite as per the Cemetery Bylaw.
Maple Ridge Cemetery
Gravesite / Landscaping Information
No grave or grave space in the cemetery shall be defined by a fence, hedge, railing or curbing and no memorial other than a tablet type memorial as specified in the bylaws may be installed on a grave. Artificial flowers can be placed from November 15 to March 15. Owners should pick up wreaths and mementos at the beginning of the mowing season. They will be kept in storage for one month after which they will then be sent to Children's Hospital. Cut flowers, wreaths and floral offerings may be placed on graves, but may be removed by the caretaker when their condition is considered by the staff member to be detrimental to the beauty of the cemetery.

No person shall be permitted to landscape individual grave sites or plant, remove, cut down or destroy any trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, bulbs or rocks in the cemetery other than an employee of the City authorized to do so.

  • Full size grave -1 full burial and/or 4 cremated remains are permitted per site 
  • Baby section -1 full burial and/or 1 cremated remains 
  • Cremation section - 1 cremated remains per plot
Prices apply to both Maple Ridge Cemetery and Whonnock Cemetery