Employment Lands Redesignation

One of the short term outcomes of the Commercial & Industrial Strategy was that the City will need upwards of 69-93 hectares (170-230 acres) of additional industrial lands by 2040. The Strategy examined lands within the City and a number of areas that could potentially accommodate employment-based land uses have been identified.

Setting aside land now in order to accommodate future employment lands is one way to support the creation of more local job opportunities for Maple Ridge residents. Recognizing the importance of local job creation, Council directed staff to investigate a number of sites to assess their suitability for future employment-generating land uses.

Staff have conducted several high-level land use assessments to explore the potential for future employment uses through the redesignation of land in strategic areas of the city. As a land use designation characterizes what land uses could be supported in the future, the redesignation of land would not change the currently permitted uses or existing zoning.

For more information on specific areas, please visit the following webpages:

256 & Lougheed Lands
Yennadon Lands

As the employment land conversation continues, future updates will be provided online as well as via e-mail. Should you wish to be included on the Employment Land Redesignation E-Mail List, please let staff know by sending an email to the Planning Department.