Heritage Conservation

The City of Maple Ridge has a rich and diverse history and heritage conservation is an important part of sharing this history and enhancing community identity. 

Heritage not only includes built heritage sites such as monuments and historic buildings, but also cultural traditions, practices and values. These intangible cultural heritage assets are represented in a multitude of ways from traditional storytelling, place making, and performing arts, to social practices and events. 

The Official Community Plan (OCP) outlines policies for heritage that play a key role in the development of complete and sustainable communities. Heritage policies for specific communities are also addressed within Area Plans. 

Heritage Register 

A community heritage register is an official listing of properties identified by a local government as having heritage value or heritage character. Inclusion on a community heritage register does not constitute heritage designation or any other form of permanent heritage protection, unless there is a heritage designating bylaw associated with the property. 

To view and learn more about the Heritage Register, click HERE.

Haney House - Summer 2016
Heritage Resources App

Heritage Inventory

Maple Ridge has many properties and neighbourhoods that have unique historical roots. Listing a property, natural feature, landscape, etc. on the Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge (aka Heritage Inventory) does not provide any legal protection for the heritage resource. However, the Heritage Inventory does provide a valuable planning tool that helps identify candidates for more formal listings, protection, or recognition.

Explore the past, present and future with our Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge App or with the document Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge


If you have questions or are looking for more information, please contact Krista Gowan at heritage@mapleridge.ca or 604-647-7402.

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