Building inspections are required for all new construction, additions, renovations, basement finishes, etc. The list below advises what type of inspection to call for and when to call for it.

  • Footings and Forms Inspection - After the forms for footings and/or foundation walls are complete, all reinforcing steel is in place where required, after legal site survey has been completed, after engineers have conducted inspections, but prior to the placing of any concrete
  • Grading Inspection - After backfill preliminary review of rough site grading, including identification of future locations of any retaining walls, but prior to heavy equipment leaving site
  • Slab / Poly Inspection - After the installation of under-slab fill, polyethylene vapour barrier, under-slab insulation where required, but prior to the pouring of concrete slabs
  • Sheathing Inspection - After building is framed, all windows and doors are installed, exterior fittings and penetrations are in place, but prior to the application of exterior building paper
  • Framing Inspection - After framing and sheathing of the building are complete, and the engineered roof trusses have been reviewed, specialty building component such as engineered beams or lintels have been approved and ensuring fire-stopping, integrity, bracing, chimneys, and fireplaces, and all rough-in plumbing, gas, electrical, sprinkler work have been inspected and passed, but prior to insulation installation, lath or other interior or exterior finish is applied which would conceal such construction
  • Insulation Inspection - After insulation and vapour barriers have been installed, but prior to interior finishing
  • Rain Screen Inspection - With finishes other than horizontal vinyl siding and vinyl shake; to be reviewed prior to the application of any product or material that would conceal the strapping
  • Exterior Frame Inspection - Stucco or cultured stone, for review of the installation of backing board over the strapping
  • Stucco Wire and Stucco Scratch Inspection - Paper, wire and flashings must be approved prior to applying the base stucco / scratch coat or stone mud coat, and subsequent thickness of the stucco application must be verified; (cultured stone; stucco wire and stucco scratch).
  • Final Building Inspection - After the building has been completed, including site grading, heating ventilation equipment, cooking facilities, security components, smoke detectors, exterior doors, hand / guards rails (exterior and interior), decks or balconies etc. and all schedule C-Bs (structural, geotechnical, sprinkler, etc.) are submitted but prior to occupying any portion of the building, the final building inspection must be performed (If this is new house construction you'll also need to call for a yards inspection.)
  • Retaining Walls - **Call for Final Inspection** - Any retaining wall over .5 meters requires a permit; 1 meter and over are required to be engineered (A retaining wall permit needs to be completed prior to calling for final inspection.)