225 Street Pump Station Upgrades and Forcemain

The 225 Street Sewage Pump Station is located at the intersection of 225 Street and the Haney Bypass and it conveys sewage via the existing South Slope Forcemain west along River Road to Steeves Street where it discharges into a Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District trunk sewer. To meet the long-term needs of the City, both the pump station and forcemain need to be upgraded to reliably convey increasing sewer flows.

The City has retained Associated Engineering (B.C.) Ltd. to prepare the preliminary and detailed designs, prepare tender documents and provide construction services for the project.

The existing forcemain conveys sewage from the pump station along River Road from 225 Street to Steeves Street. The existing forcemain is located within the Fraser River Escarpment area and the intent is to re-route the new south slope forcemain north of the existing escarpment area and Haney slide. View proposed forcemain alignment (PDF)

The 225 Street Pump Station and South Slope Forcemain Project is a multi-phased project.

​Phase 1

The construction of Phase 1 which is the forcemain from the pump station to Haney Bypass and to Cliff Avenue was completed as part of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) reconstruction of the Haney Bypass Project. 

Phase 2

Phase 2 consists of upgrades to the pump station at 11555 225 Street, including replacement of all four pumps, electrical upgrades to the Motor Control Centre (MCC), new pipe work within the pump station and upgrades to the floors of the wet wells to better direct flows and increase mixing. The construction contract was awarded to Drake Excavating Ltd. (2016) with construction anticipated to be complete in spring 2022.

The majority of the work will take place inside of the pump station. A new driveway access culvert will be installed as part of the project but there are no other works in the road right-of-way, and traffic impacts will be minimal with construction vehicles accessing the site.
Should you have any questions regarding Phase 2, you may contact the City of Maple Ridge Project Manager, Andrew Lackner, at 604-467-7442.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is the forcemain from Cliff Avenue, 221 Street, Lougheed Highway, Steeves Street and tie-in to the South Slope interceptor at River Road.  The Phase 3 forcemain is currently under design with construction anticipated in 2022. 
Should you have any questions regarding Phase 3, you may contact the City of Maple Ridge Project Manager, Velimir Stetin, at 604-467-7495.