Clearing Walkways

Required Self-Clearing

The Maple Ridge Highway and Traffic Bylaw 6704-2009 (PDF), Section 25.0 requires all residential and business occupants to clear the public sidewalks on their property as soon as possible after a snowfall, and no later than 10:00 am.

Strata associations, schools and individual property owners (residential and business) are all responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks and building entrances. Always refer to the bylaw, not anyone's interpretation of the bylaw.

Shovel to the Left

When clearing your property it is better to shovel the snow to the left side of your driveway as you are facing your property. This gives a better sight-line for backing out of your driveway and also prevents the shoveled snow from being plowed back into the driveway area. Snow accumulation along the curb can result in large puddles when the snow starts to melt, preventing the water from easily flowing into storm sewers.

Clearing for Others

If you are clearing snow for an apartment or business make sure that you clear a path wide enough for visitors or residents with mobility challenges. Look at the sidewalk and make sure that a wheelchair could comfortably fit in the cleared pathway.

Municipal Properties

Maple Ridge staff are responsible for keeping the access to key civic buildings clear, and have a phased plan that is implemented as the snow starts falling and expands as required based on the total volume of snow. Again, the priority is keeping access open to the emergency services facilities followed by City Hall and key parks and leisure facilities. As the snowfall continues the cleared areas will expand to parking lots and the pathways will be widened to restore more normal access to facilities. Trails and parks are not cleared of snow, nor are lanes plowed unless there's a fire or health emergency that requires immediate access.

School District

School District No. 42, one of the partner agencies of Maple Ridge, has a plan for snow removal around schools based on the severity of a snowfall and the timing. Their staff and contractors are responsible for clearing parking lots and pathways around school facilities. Maple Ridge is responsible for clearing the roads, not sidewalks.