Town Centre Development in Maple Ridge

A Town Centre That Is

Welcome, Walkable and Vibrant

The City of Maple Ridge Town Centre is a great place to invest and start your business. Creating a welcoming residential and business core is what we’re all about.

We are creating a vibrant, robust Town Centre with greater residential density that will include a range of affordable housing choices. The City of Maple Ridge is working to create a walkable Town Centre with shops, services, entertainment and recreation activities where residents won’t need to own a vehicle and can access public transit. A high density population living in the Town Centre will create greater demand businesses and improved public transportation.

Economic and Cultural Changes Accompanying GROWTH

Maple Ridge is evolving from a resource-based economy to one that is focused on value-added industries and professional services. Maple Ridge encourages private investment by new and existing companies to meet the growing demand for high-value local jobs. Maple Ridge Council has developed a robust Official Community Plan (OCP) utilizing “smart growth” principles to guide development. The OCP calls for the majority of residential and commercial growth to be concentrated in the urban Town Centre, creating a dense, walkable community.

Town Centre Facts

2011 Residents    10,500
2040 Resident Forecast    20,000

There are over 700 businesses in Maple Ridge and 50% of the population growth is in the Town Centre.

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Did You Know?

Over the past decade we have paved the way for growth, investing over $100 million in civic facilities and infrastructure improvements.
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