How does the City respond to complaints?

Bylaw Compliance Officers will investigate your complaint as soon as possible. You are encouraged to keep your complaint file up to date and to keep the Bylaw Compliance Officer apprised of the status of your complaint if the situation improves, worsens or stays the same.

If there is a contravention of City bylaws, Bylaw Compliance Officers will work with the person responsible to voluntarily remedy the situation.

In relation to certain hazardous situations or declared nuisances, City Council may order a person to rectify the situation, or take action to eliminate the hazard or damage and require the person to pay the costs incurred to do so. Where compliance with a bylaw is a condition of a licence or permit, Bylaw Compliance Officers may find it necessary to suspend the licence or permit until the person or persons comply.

The City appreciates your patience in bylaw enforcement matters.

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