Where is my water, sanitary or storm connection?

If you need to locate your service connection - water, sanitary or storm you can visit the Engineering counter at City Hall or phone 604-467-7339. If you are unable to locate the connection, you may call our Operations Centre at 604-463-9581 for assistance.

If you need to turn your water off, you will find that most homes have a main water shut off which is located where the water connection enters the house, usually in the basement or crawlspace. You can shut off the water supply to the house by closing this faucet handle. If there is a leak or break which requires the water to be shut off at the property line, please call the Operations Centre 24/7 at 604-463-9581.

If you need to report an after hours public works emergency, please call the Operations Centre emergency line at 604-463-9581.

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